Pivotal Thames’ intention to blow the minds of Wellington’s designers, agencies and print buyers sees the installation of the world’s premier digital printing press. Never before has a local printer been able to meet the market with B2, sheet fed, high quality, high speed, 7-colour, personalised printing and short-run packaging.

It is our honour to introduce to you a machine that will change the way you procure print — a press that will deliver economies of scale without compromise of quality or speed.

“To our customers’ credit, our decision to green-light this press was a no-brainer. We have the resources and experience to offer our customers a truly viable option in short to medium-run, offset quality, B2 digital print. We owe the local market a feel for the here and now and look to foster our existing client relationships by adding further value and improved solutions.” — Kyle Radersma (Managing Director, Pivotal Thames)

So without further ado, it is with great pleasure and “can’t sleep” anticipation and excitement that we bring you our HP Indigo 10000.

HP Indigo 10000